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Youth (6-12) - Saturday, July 13th

*Competitors age 12 may choose to compete in ONE of the two competitions only

Amateur (12+) - Sunday, July 14th

*Not eligible to compete in Amateur if you competed in the Elite division during this past season.

*Not eligible to compete in Amateur if you have ever placed Top 5 in a non-Amateur division at WNL Worlds

**Exceptions can be made. Reach out if you are interested but don't meet the eligibility requirements.

Pro (13+) - Saturday, August 10th


Youth (6-13) - Sunday, August 11th

*Competitors age 13 may choose to compete in ONE of the two competitions only

Mock NSC Competition Dates

Our Mock NSC competitions are run in one of our favorite formats!

Competitors will all start by running in the open round which will consist of both a Hybrid and a Speed course run using a retry system. Competitors are allowed 2 retries PER obstacle, but must complete that obstacle in order to continue progressing in the course. At the end of the open round, the top 10 male and female competitors who have the lowest total placement with both of their course scores combined will move on to the Finals round later in the day!

The Finals round will consist of a Hybrid, Speed, AND an additional Burnout course to decide the overall winner of the day! Scores in the Final round will be completely separate from the open round, however placement in the open will determine the run order in the Final round.

The Hybrid course will be scored based off of who makes it the farthest into the course with the least amount of fails (time is then the tie breaker). The Speed course will be scored based off of who makes it the farthest in the fastest time regardless of their falls. Finally the Burnout course will be scored by who makes it to the farthest touch point in the fastest time, if an athlete falls in this round their run is done.

All competitors are guaranteed to run at least the Speed and Hybrid course, with the possibility of running FIVE courses throughout the day! This will be great practice for anyone looking to compete in the Youth / Pro NSC competitions in the future.

Each competition will have two open waves, one starting at 8:45am and another starting at 12:15pm. The Finals round will begin around 4:30pm.


Tryout Times

*These times will remain consistent for all course tryouts*

6-8 year olds - 10:00am to 12:00pm

9-10 year olds - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

11-12 year olds - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

13+ year olds - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

$15 per tryout OR $50 for tryout package

If you sign up per tryout, please sign up for all that you will be able to make.

If you sign up for the package, please just sign up for the first tryout and we will put you in to the other tryouts manually!

Team Tryouts for the 2024-25 ninja season are here!

Join us throughout the summer for tryouts to be on our Elite and Excel Ninja Teams! We will be hosting 5 course tryouts and 1 strength tryout to decide who will be invited to our competitive teams for the upcoming season.

Ninjas ages 6-17 (ages as of 1/1/2025) are eligible to tryout and will be scored on how many total obstacles they complete as well as their placement in each tryout. We will take the kids BEST 3 tryouts into consideration so it is recommended to come to at least 3 of the 5 course tryouts. If kids participate in more than 3 we will drop their lowest scores!

Ninjas must participate in at least one course tryout throughout the summer and MUST participate in the strength tryout and meet the strength requirements to be on our team.

Tryout dates:

Wednesday, July 10th - Course Tryout #1

Tuesday, July 16th - Course Tryout #2

Tuesday, July 23rd - Course Tryout #3

Saturday, August 3rd - Course Tryout #4

Wednesday, August 7th - Course Tryout #5

Strength Tryout - August 16-18th during open gyms

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