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Matt D'Amico

Matt has had an unwavering love for the sport of ninja since he was 14 years old, and he aims to foster this love in the new generation. He has been training and coaching for almost 10 years and his hard work has been showcased on seasons 14 and 15 of American Ninja Warrior. In both seasons, he made it to the Las Vegas finals, and even reached the last obstacle on Stage 3 of his rookie year. His time is not just spent doing ninja, he also has an extensive background in parkour and is a member of the Boston Celtics dunk team. Matt is excited and ready for the next chapter of his life which includes providing young athletes with a training space and pushing them to reach their full abilities. And remember, every course is a speed course!

Lucas Reale

Lucas has been training and coaching ninja for almost 10 years. Starting out as a Ninja Warrior superfan, he was quickly drawn to the sport when he discovered it and has been training weekly ever since. Lucas competed on seasons 10-14 of  American Ninja Warrior, making it as far as Stage 3 in Las Vegas in his best season! Now Lucas has shifted his focus towards training the next generation of ninjas. Seeing people find their love for ninja and providing a space for them to train has always been a huge goal for Lucas and he is thrilled to be able to share his passion with others!

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